Oracura’s smart water flossers making a difference in Oral Health

India’s leading pioneer of innovative dental healthcare products launches its avant-grade range of smart water flossers. The novel flossers reach every nook & cranny of mouth to help cope with the age-old oral health problems. It removes 99.9% plaque especially from hard to reach areas plummeting away bad breath and making you feel, clean and healthy.

Ideal for cleaning, the rich line-up is easy to use around critical areas like braces, bridges, and crowns and clinically proven to be 3 times more effective in removing plaque than the traditional approach. The technology used drives sophistication to the conventional string floss as it efficiently removes plaque around complex dental implants as well. 

“We provide our customers with top-notch products while securing maximum functionality and ease of use. Our diverse range of water flossers is carefully devised to cater to specific needs and situations of different individuals. The majority of our efforts are emphasized on delivering wholesome dental hygiene for the user and balance out the rise of poor dental hygiene in the country”, said Mr. Sagar Awatad, Founder and Director, Oracura. 

Water flossers secure a deeper cleanse by spraying water along the gum line. The ordinary floss serves the basic purpose while water flossers get deeper into the gum pockets to remove the majority of trapped food, debris, and plaque from hard-to-reach places. The enhanced accessibility is a bonus since it requires low manual work and the possibility of exercising a poor technique is also minimal. 

Furthermore, the pulse-modulation technology used is quickly becoming instrumental in promoting gum health by flushing away bacteria responsible for gingivitis and other oral infections. It also massages the gums and stimulates treated areas to reduce gum bleeding. 

Oracura’s next-gen flossers are complemented with different types of 360-degree nozzles, a high capacity water tank, pulse mode to massage gums, tongue scrapper, and multiple setting options to modulate water pressure. 

About Oracura-

ORACURA is an oral care company founded in June 2014. It has gained popularity within a short span of time due to its innovative designs and patented technology. It is headquartered in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company operates facilities all over India and has a pan India presence.

For more information, kindly visit https://oracura.in