Hyderabad, July 29, 2015:- Ozonetel Systems, the pioneer in Cloud Communications in India has launched Speech Recognition on CloudAgent, the Contact Centre Solution.

Last year, Ozonetel acquired the speech recognition business of Yantra Software, a provider of speech and voice technology products and services.  The objective was to integrate their speech capabilities into the core KooKoo platform so that KooKoo developers can start building speech applications for providing quality services at a lower cost to its customers. Ozonetel has spent close to a year rigorously testing the software with its platform using various dialects and trying to make the system foolproof before launching it to the end customers.

You can check out a small demo by calling 040-30247041. It will ask you to say a number from 1 to 9. Say a number from 1 to 9 and wait. The IVR will repeat the number spoken by you.

We are moving from “Please press 1 for Sales or 2 for Support” to “Please say 1 for sales or 2 for support”. It will not be long before the IVR says “Please say Sales or Support”

Compared to Google & Siri, this might seem to be quite a basic solution but our approach to speech is to make it easily available to the end users without them knowing how speech recognition works. Ozonetel will be rolling out multiple domain specific word packs for cities/state, grocery, banking, insurance etc. These would be already trained and tested for accuracy, and our team will continuously monitor and improve it for better accuracy.

With the launch of Speech Recognition, Ozonetel will redefine the whole IVR experience for the end customers. The technology can immensely benefit businesses who are trying to reach the base of the pyramid market segments. People who cannot read and write, can now verbally respond to the IVR prompts instead of having to feed in digits through the mobile keypad. The IVR prompts can be in the local language. Our vision is to solve the customer communication problems for businesses and this is another big leap in this direction. The reach and impact that the speech recognition technology can provide can be humongous.

Some of the immediate benefits can be summed up as follows:

  • Businesses can market their services to rural population without having to worry about the education level of such target audiences.
  • Banks can use speech recognition services to reach out to unbanked people to bank on feature phones using IVR and they can be authenticated using speech bio metrics.
  • Urban audiences can now also use the speech recognition to go respond to the IVR prompts because they won’t have to keep moving the phone away from the ear to look at the keypad and feed in the digits. They can be using an IVR service even while driving.

Ozonetel in its constant endeavour to innovate and provide the best technology solutions to its customers is now helping businesses improve the way they “speak” and “listen” to their customers.

About Ozonetel

Ozonetel, a Telco grade CaaS (Communication as a Service) platform on the cloud enables its customers to continuously engage with their customers throughout the customer life cycle through Marketing, Sales, Support & Retention programs. Ozonetel is the only Telco grade multi-channel (voice, video, chat, sms) communication platform on the cloud in India. A business does not need to make investment in any on-site technology and in an IT team to manage and upgrade the communication piece. A business can expand globally in minutes with Freshdesk CRM and Ozonetel.

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