P&G Health’s Nasivion Enters Asia Book of Records

Procter & Gamble

Nasivion, P&G Health’s trusted nasal decongestant, entered the prestigious ‘Asia Book of Records’ for creating the largest brand promotion sentence using snow. Stretching an impressive 400 sq. feet in the snow-covered landscape of Srinagar, the snow-carved sentence “Nasivion Unblocks Nose In 25 Seconds, Last Long Up to 12 Hours,” serves as a visual testament to Nasivion’s superiority as a pioneering oxymetazoline molecule.

Nasal congestion is a prevalent issue affecting 18.2% of the population in India.1 To help its consumers overcome this condition, Nasivion promises to provide swift relief from a blocked nose within 25 seconds, making it the go-to solution for everyone seeking rapid and effective relief from a blocked nose.

Milind Thatte, Managing Director, Procter & Gamble Health Limited, said, “We are glad to be recognized by the Asia Book of Records. The rising concern of nasal congestion, especially in urban areas, causing disruptions to sleep, concentration, and work productivity, has made it imperative to raise awareness and seek timely measures. This record by Nasivion is an effort to spread awareness around nasal health by helping our consumers to breathe better, thereby live better by providing relief from blocked nose within 25 seconds!”

Dr. Pradeep Bhardwaj, Chief Adjudicator, Asia Book of Records, added, “P&G Health’s Nasivion has set a new benchmark with their record-breaking sentence, and we are delighted to have this achievement listed in the Asia Book of Records. This record serves as an inspiring reminder for individuals to prioritize nasal health, an often-overlooked aspect in India, and take care of it effectively.”

1 – Indian Journal of Otology

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Seen here team Nasivion along with the team from Asia Book of Records celebrating the Largest Branded Message created on Snow in Sonmarg