Resolute launches campaign #BeingPrepared to spread awareness about health emergencies

Bengaluru, 02nd March 2022: Resolute, an integrated digital health & wellness service offering continuous virtual care, precision wellness, and doctor-led programs for families and corporates, has recently launched a campaign, #BeingPrepared focusing on health emergencies. Through this initiative, Resolute urges everyone should have the necessary knowledge and skills around handling medical emergencies.

Resolute believes that this matter requires attention but is often overlooked by people. Hence it launched an evidence-based Health Emergency Prep Pack for individuals and families. Resolute also conceptualized a campaign based on a classic video game to communicate the important aspects of health emergencies through the creative. The creative has been viewed already by more than 50 thousand social media users.

The Health Emergency Prep Pack covers all fundamental preparation steps, including necessary knowledge on medical emergencies, action steps, medical data collection, and ICE (In Case Of Emergency) alerts. 

Sharing his views about the campaign, Srinivas Vivek, Co-Founder – Resolute said “We believe that people often ignore the topic of health emergencies. Hence, we want to promote the fact that health emergency preparation is a fundamental skill for anyone”

He adds, “ In emergency situations, people should be able to take appropriate steps before medical help arrives. To ensure this, knowledge and skills around handling health emergencies are necessary. This is what we wanted to achieve with our campaign #BeingPrepared. We are hoping that our initiative will be well received and we will be able to motivate the people to understand the relevance of being prepared for medical emergencies as it may save many lives“

This Health Emergency Prep kit has three components-

· Health Emergency Guidebook on commonly occurring emergencies:

· Videos explainers on Emergency set up in your smartphone:


  1. Emergency set up for Android:
  2. Emergency set up for iOS:


· Printable Health Emergency Card for your wallet: (Find the card at the top of the guidebook)

Resolute promotes #BeingPrepared for the entire family by encouraging everyone to read the guidebook. The second important step is establishing emergency contact for everyone in the family. The third step is to complete the emergency set up on your smartphone followed by the fourth one, prepare the Health Emergency card for everyone and keep it in the wallet or phone cover.

Resolute’s health emergency guide is a general health and wellness document that is strictly educational and informational. It equips the reader with appropriate actions that should be taken during health emergencies.

About Resolute : 

Resolute is an integrated digital health & wellness service offering precision wellness, continuous virtual care, and digital therapeutics for families, corporates, and payers. Resolute offers hyper-personalised health and wellness journeys that are intuitive, always-on, holistic, and outcome-focused through the “Whole of Me” approach. Resolute