ServDharm launches its rendition of the Bhagavad Gita in three languages: Sanskrit, Hindi and English

New Delhi [India], 23 May 2022: ServDharm, a bootstrapped startup in the publishing of heritage and religious books, has released Bhagwad Gita in three languages namely Sanskrit, Hindi, and English for the devotional readers.


Gagan Dhawan, founder of ServDharm said, “It took more than three years for our team to rendition the Bhagwad Gita in three languages. The Bhagwad Gita comes in a wonderful wooden gift box and it has become the best seller in the devotional category on Amazon India”


Formerly known as Pen Aur Paper, ServDharm began to gain traction on social media in 2021, prompting Gagan to rebrand the company. In consideration of the brand’s long-term objectives and the founder’s intentions, ServDharm was formed to dominate the spiritual and devotional sector in the country.


Gagan says, “There is undoubtedly a substantial untapped opportunity in the market for puja products, even though new businesses emerge every month. Diversification is a continuous process for the brand. Location-specific activation and greater distribution across India are attempts to expand the company’s reach.”


According to Gagan, the highest number of orders received are for the Hanuman Chalisa which is a bestselling product on Amazon. It also receives bulk orders regularly for death anniversaries in remembrance of loved ones.


ServDharm’s publications are available through select retailers like Northland in Connaught Place, New Delhi, The Kashmir Store in Katra, Ganga Books Emporium in Rishikesh, and Sun n Sands in Shirdi, amongst others.


Apart from its emphasis on traditional scriptures, the brand is also aiming to expand its product category by introducing Pure Ganga Jal, Chandan, pooja samagri, and cultural knowledge sharing from experts using their new mobile app to break into the commercial side of the industry.


ServDharm is aiming to grow its international presence and is targeting nations like the UK, UAE, Canada, and the EU.


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