SMT and HeartX Forge Transformative Partnership in Cardiovascular Space

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – SMT (Sahajanand Medical Technologies), a renowned medical device company at the forefront of innovative patient care in the cardiovascular segment has announced a strategic partnership with HeartX, a pioneering MedTech company focused on research and development.

Through this collaboration, SMT gains an innovative product line in the Congenital Heart Defect space. This collaboration not only broadens SMT’s advanced product offerings within the Congenital Heart Defect space but also marks a significant stride toward revolutionizing healthcare on a global scale.

HeartX’s portfolio includes advanced products like the JOVE VB Stent for Sinus Venous ASD, JOVE Versatile ASD (VASO), Fenestrated VASO and JOVE PFO, with ongoing developments in PDA and VSD closures as well as advanced visualization systems for structural interventions.

The collaboration between SMT and HeartX aims to address gaps in current medical procedures by prioritizing simplicity, efficiency, and cost reduction. By leveraging SMT’s global reach and regulatory expertise, HeartX’s innovative products will be made more accessible to patients worldwide.

SMT’s CEO Mr Ganesh Sabat further claims, “This strategic partnership greatly expands SMT’s portfolio of medical solutions in the Congenital heart space. This is a part of our growth strategy and is also in line with our ‘Pledge to save millions’ philosophy.”

Adding more on the partnership, the CEO of HeartX, Mr Cheran Uthirapathi says, “This Partnership is aimed at leveraging the core competencies of both HeartX and SMT to deliver innovative solutions that address unmet clinical needs. I firmly believe that this strategic collaboration will accelerate the process of taking HeartX’s Congenital heart portfolio from India to the world.”

HeartX and SMT aim to set a new standard for medical innovation, spotlighting India’s role in global healthcare advancements.

About SMT

SMT is a global medical device company committed to make advanced medical technologies accessible to everyone around the world. With presence in 79 countries, SMT has achieved recognition from the Ministry of Health Sciences & Technologies for its tremendous contributions in the field of coronary healthcare. SMT also pioneered the introduction of biodegradable polymers in the cardiovascular segment.

SMT will continue the journey to heal hearts around the world by creating healthcare future promising for everyone.

About HeartX

HeartX is a MedTech company focused on research, innovation, and the development of accessible solutions for complex medical procedures. With a passion for addressing unmet clinical needs, the company perseveres in pursuing life-changing technologies.

Believing in equitable healthcare access, HeartX’s team of experienced clinicians, engineers, and scientists collaborates to advance healthcare technologies. Their dedication and commitment drive the company’s mission to identify areas for improvement in current procedures and develop solutions that simplify processes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs, ultimately benefiting patients, clinicians, and healthcare services worldwide.