StreamKar: Breaking Down On How Live Streaming Works


Live streaming technology has made a breakthrough in the video content industry. It has become the go-to medium of entertainment in the post-pandemic era. No matter the age group, individuals flock to live streaming platforms to catch a glimpse of a variety of topics of their liking. StreamKar is one such application that promotes live streaming. Especially popular among the desi audience situated abroad, StreamKar is an Indian-based live streaming platform. Envisioned by Common Vision Technologies, Mumbai, it receives investments from the leading U.S.-based Android developers Tipping Points Technology Limited.

The core of live streaming

This technology allows you to watch, create, and share videos on an online platform in real time. All you need for a live stream is a laptop, computer, or mobile device, a webcam with a built-in microphone, and a stable internet connection. It is not pre-scripted or pre-recorded; the content broadcasted is created on the spot, receiving real-time audience feedback. Unlike edited content, influencers create videos that are raw and uncensored. As content creators stream their views on a variety of subjects, the audience interacts with them through comments and emoticons such as hearts or reactions. “At its core, live streaming enables people to attend events and immerse themselves in experiences that they cannot attend in person,” said Sharukh Dongarkar, Chief Operating Officer, Melot Technologies Private Limited. Be it virtual events, online lectures or training, streaming video games or a concert, interviews with eminent personalities, or e-Commerce marketing through video sales, live streaming can host these and many more such use cases under its ambit. The pandemic further accelerated this trend.

Live streaming has gained massive popularity and for good measure

Live streaming has gained prominence owing to the fact that it gives influencers immense creative liberty to experiment with content. Individuals sitting in any corner of the world can join this bandwagon to display their skills and talents. All they need for a live stream is a laptop, computer, or mobile device and a stable internet connection. This is a portal for introverts and extroverts alike. Users can build confidence and communicate more effectively, whereas, outgoing and social people can expand their network by finding a firm footing in this tightly-knit virtual community. When their content starts getting traction, it can boost their morale and build their self-esteem. Everyone has been keeping a safe distance from each other, courtesy of the pandemic. Therefore, live streaming is where people can connect and bond over similar interests, and feel less socially isolated.

Features that StreamKar as a live streaming platform offers

It is not just all work and no play! For individuals who join this platform to let their hair down, they can also indulge in entertaining games. Live streamers can receive financial rewards basis their interaction with the users. Live streaming on StreamKar also provides rural people with the opportunity to earn a livelihood to sustain themselves. The fact that this application supports multilingual diversity (with languages such as English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, and Malayalam) speaks volumes about its popularity.

Live streaming – a risky affair

While live streaming, broadcasting one’s perceptions, personality, and one’s own self to innumerable people can always be a risk factor. Content creators expose themselves to judgments, bullying and harassment, offensive comments, and leaving behind digital footprints. “To mitigate any danger to individual safety, live streaming platforms have stringent security checks in place to uphold the dignity and integrity of their users,” confirmed Sharukh.


More and more individuals are tuning in to live streams rather than being glued to the television. This phenomenon has swept everyone off their feet. People can have a bird’s eye view of everything going around in the world from the comfort of their couch. A technology that can replace video streaming is yet to be discovered. Until then, people can enjoy the many perks of live streaming.