Tan Serv Launches Inebura, an Accounts Receivable Automation Software for B2B Enterprises

TanSrv Business Process Pvt. Ltd., the pioneers and leaders in the space of B2B Accounts Receivables management has launched Inebura, a cutting-edge Accounts Receivable Automation Software that transforms the entire AR Management Process for enterprises. Inebura is a one-stop solution for the entire Accounts Receivables Process of any organisation of any size and any industry.

Accounts Receivable Automation is the future of AR that eliminates the various day-to-day operational challenges that come with manual AR processes. Inebura enables enterprises to take better control of their open receivables and make strategic financial decisions based on readily available real-time data. Inebura’s smart tools and powerful real-time reports across the enterprise’s invoice-to-cash cycle help streamline and optimise the entire AR process from Credit Management to Invoicing and Reconciliation resulting in improved cash flow. Inebura automates the entire AR process to simplify the collection process and reduce DSO. It’s always-on single window comprehensive view of the organisation’s open receivables through customisable dashboards and intelligent analytics makes it easier for finance teams to conduct robust analyses and visualise the organisation’s AR health in real-time.

Sridhar Kuchibhottlla, Founder and CEO, TanServ said, “For over a decade we have been managing accounts receivable function for many Fortune 500 clients, and Inebura is a result of all that learning, experience and insights. Inebura can help achieve significant and sustainable improvements in DSOs, cashflow, credit risk and profitability. Inebura empowers the finance teams to better forecast revenue patterns, streamline invoice-to-cash processes, plan growth and investment scenarios, mitigate credit risk and above all, analyse revenue profitability.”

Also commenting on the launch, Aravind Gangadharan, COO, said, “Efficient AR function is mission critical for overall financial health of any enterprise, and unfortunately, it still has high dependence on manual processes. Inebura has been designed to reduce the inefficiencies that come with manual processes, remove operational obstacles and speed up the process that actually brings cash into the organization.”

Inebura is an all-access single-window platform that leverages technology and analytics to provide real-time, instant access to comprehensive portfolio information like receivables summary, cash projections, ageing reports and customer credit management, etc. Inebura is intuitive and predictive, its intelligent analytics gives the team valuable insights and trends analyses across various functionalities, such as automated account classification, predictive remittance forecasting, critical receivables metrics, and many more.

Inebura improves working capital efficiencies by simplifying the billing & collections process. It identifies all internal & external factors that cause delays in payments to support the important goal of reducing DSO. It is powered with intelligent automation capabilities that attaches all POs, bills, respective proof of delivery notes, etc., while sending out invoices. It also sends out aging statements, payment reminders, and other communications to clients.

Backed by customer payment analytics, Inebura throws up insights that enable Accounts Receivable Managers to arrive at a better understanding of customers whilst building credit risk profiles, and also determining future credit terms. Inebura also helps accelerate and better manage the entire credit review process.

Inebura ensures that all internal teams work towards the common goal of turning the outstanding Accounts Receivable into cash. The siloed teams can share notes, aggregate data from multiple sources, work efficiently and increase productivity via a customizable, easy-to-use collaborative workspace. It creates straightforward dashboards for different roles that empower and enable every team member to think and act strategically and efficiently. And get instant answers to questions about billings, collections, and overall cash management, at the click of a button.

Inebura is available as a ready-to-use SaaS model for SMEs, an industry customised SaaS model for mid-market organisations, and it is fully customisable to suit the needs of large enterprises.

About TanServ Business Process Pvt. Ltd.

TanServ, the pioneer in B2B AR Management is India’s leading Enterprise AR company. For more than a decade, TanServ has taken up end-to-end responsibility of managing the AR Function for many Fortune 500 clients. With TanServ’s experience and insights into AR Management, clients across India have achieved significant and sustainable improvements to their DSOs, cash flow, credit risk and profitability.