Expands Horizons with PMS Launch Targeting Enterprise Market

Performance, Management System

MUMBAI, India, June 25, 2024 –, a leader in cloud-based HR and payroll solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its advanced Performance Management System (PMS), designed specifically to cater to the enterprise market. This strategic expansion positions TeamNest as a versatile and inclusive solution provider, addressing the unique needs of diverse workforces across industries and geographies.

Performance Management for Enterprises

The newly launched PMS module marks a significant step in TeamNest’s commitment to offering comprehensive and scalable HR solutions. Tailored for large-scale enterprises, the PMS provides robust tools for managing employee performance, setting goals, and tracking progress, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and engagement. This system integrates seamlessly with existing HR processes, providing enterprises with a unified platform to enhance productivity and streamline operations.

Empowering the Blue-Collar Workforce

In a bid to bridge the digital divide, TeamNest is extending its capabilities to include the vernacular needs of India’s extensive blue-collar workforce, which exceeds 300 million workers. By incorporating local languages and culturally relevant interfaces, TeamNest ensures that these crucial members of the workforce are empowered with accessible and user-friendly HR tools. This move underscores TeamNest’s dedication to inclusivity and its vision to democratize HR technology across all levels of the workforce.

HR Partners to Leading Brands

TeamNest continues to strengthen its market position through strategic HR partnerships with renowned brands such as Garware, Nazara Technologies and PN Writers. These collaborations highlight the versatility and reliability of TeamNest’s solutions, trusted by industry leaders in gaming technology and beyond. Such partnerships not only validate the efficacy of TeamNest’s offerings but also expand its footprint across various sectors.

Global Reach and Industry Impact

With a presence in 11 countries and serving over 40 industry verticals, TeamNest is a global player in the HR technology space. Its comprehensive suite of services is utilized by companies ranging from logistics and transport to luxury goods and consumer electronics. This extensive reach is a testament to the platform’s adaptability and value proposition, catering to the unique requirements of diverse business environments.

About TeamNest

Founded by industry veterans, Mahesh Jethani, Prashant Shah and Saumil Gandhi, TeamNest Employee Services Private Limited is at the forefront of transforming human capital management through its cloud-based solutions. The platform offers a full spectrum of HR functionalities, including payroll, compliance, employee engagement, and now, performance management, all within an intuitive and scalable system. TeamNest’s mission is to simplify HR processes and empower organizations to focus on their core business, while it handles the complexities of human resource management.