teamNgage founders launch ‘teamNgage Online’ a luxe platform for connecting and engaging employees digitally

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New Delhi [India], September 15 : teamNgage, being the leader in offering goal-based employee engagement solutions, launches teamNgage Online, a luxe digital platform empowering companies to engage their employees Anytime, Anywhere and at Anyplace. teamNgage Online is a self-paced digital platform which enables a smooth employee engagement journey for companies across the globe. The platform is more collaborative, inclusive, flexible, convenient, driven by digitization, and caters to participants across the globe. The platform’s aim is to help companies maximise their ability to engage all employees around-the-clock.
One of the key burning issues for all the HRs and their respective company leaders is to keep their employees motivated. Post-pandemic, corporate HR policies are evolving, and many businesses are now operating in a hybrid environment. Abiding to the policies, the problem of engaging the employees has magnified, as how to engage all employees where one set of employees are working from home or remotely while others are working from the office or client location. While under constant pressure to retain talent, finding the right fit of employee engagement programmes from the limited alternatives of engagement activities is proving to be a very challenging issue for HRs.

teamNgage founders Smitha and Harsh Soni, winning a streak of awards towards Entrepreneur of the Year and Founder of the Year, have been championing in providing goal-based Employee Engagement solutions for corporate employees’ wellbeing. teamNgage which offers its wide range of solutions via Online, Hybrid and In-Person (Physical) mediums is currently expanding to Digital Self-Paced Employee Engagement. Engaging all the employees from as few as 10 to as many as lakhs, has been a concern for most businesses, but teamNgage Online now eliminates that problem.

The founders of teamNgage are on a mission to engage every employee by offering meaningful engagement programmes that can improve employees’ emotional and happiness quotients and eventually increase company ROI.
teamNgage Online, the brainchild of talented wizards, curated from a blend of IT, Psychology, NLP and along with AI knowledge experts, provides companies with online solutions towards India’s Luxe Self-Paced Employee Engagement programs with different activities under the fun, entertainment, mystery, stress-buster, logical and analytical outlook.

“Employee Engagement is a process and Employee Satisfaction is the result”
With the future of the workplace being hybrid, HRs are also trying to focus on family-based corporate engagement by not only engaging their employees but also extending to their families. Speaking on the same teamNgage founders, Smitha and Harsh have curated different programs for companies focusing on engaging employees and their spouses, children and seniors. The program objective is to cultivate an emotional value towards the company.

“With the launch of teamNgage Online, we are introducing a whole new world of digitalized employee engagement activities to employees who are now located both locally and globally. We have designed the activities to foster teamwork, collaboration, and bonding among members of different teams, resulting in a positive and pleasant work environment. Our platform allows employers to engage small to large employee bases who work in different shifts and locations while maintaining overall work-life balance as a top concern,” explains Smitha and Harsh.
It’s time to change the meetings and online celebrations, pave the way to a much more enhanced and immerse your employees with a luxe digital engagement experience. It all begins here with teamNgage.

teamNgage (a division of Krafting Minds) is a platform that unites employees by providing a unique goal based highly engaging and interactive employee engagement programs. With the mission of “Think Wellbeing”, the founders revolutionized employee engagement with systematically categorised programs under Stress Buster, Collaboration, Out-of-Box, Team Building and Mental Wellbeing. teamNgage delivers virtual, in-person and hybrid engaging methods, to build real human connections between employees and now extends to self-paced engagement.
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