TechForce Services, Australia’s Leading Salesforce Consulting Firm, Expands Operations in India

Tech Force services

New Delhi, November 2, 2022: TechForce Services, a global Salesforce consulting and technology services firm, today announced its operational expansion to India. The business expansion to this high-growth market is in line with the company’s vision to help businesses accelerate their growth and offer exceptional customer services leveraging Salesforce solutions.

The Sydney, Australia-headquartered technology firm offers an array of services including Salesforce consulting and advisory services, implementation, integration, migration and customisation to its customers to enable them unleash their potentials. Besides, TechForce Services also helps organisations in automating their business processes using Salesforce technology.

“This expansion is a significant milestone in our growth strategy as we consistently strive to address the needs of our growing customer base,” said Vamsi Krishna, Founder & Director, TechForce Services. “Though we have been serving our customers in India remotely in the past, this expansion will allow us to work with them more closely and be a part of their overall digital transformation journey.”

TechForce Services offers end-to-end Salesforce services – from implementations, customisations, migrations, and deployments to DevOps, staff augmentation, and support to customers in industry verticals like government, financial services, education, manufacturing, media and retail.

“We are super excited with this expansion. Having delivered scores of innovative projects across industry verticals in Australia, our team of Salesforce experts with over 250 certifications and over 100,000 project hours are thrilled to extend their expertise to our Indian customers,” said Hitesh Madan, Partner & Director at TechForce Services.

With this expansion, the company is also planning to extend its TechForce Academy to India, a virtual high-tech training and education program, for Indian engineering students and executives to empower them with Salesforce and DevOps technologies.

“The TechForce Academy, an academic initiative of TechForce Services, has been enriching the Salesforce ecosystem by imparting training and conducting workshops to learn Salesforce and other technologies for university graduates to make them industry ready,” said Sathis Babu, Partner & Director at TechForce Services and Head of TechForce Academy.

The company is also ramping up its workforce in India and is eyeing half a century employees in the next few months.


About TechForce:

TechForce Services is an Australian Salesforce cloud technology consulting company and a Pledge 1% partner headquartered in New South Wales. Our experience covers the growing demands of organisations in dynamic areas such as government, financial services, higher education, and manufacturing, with over 250 Salesforce, AWS, and related certifications. We are also a member of the Professional Partner Program of Australian Computer Society and hold the ACS Trust Mark in four categories. With an ISO 9001:2015 certification and 100,000+ project hours under our belt, we focus on conceptualizing, designing, engineering, marketing, and managing digital products and experiences for high-growth companies.

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