Technology enables productivity, disrupting the Future Workplace

New Delhi: Understanding the impending changes of tech-led future work world, organizations must prepare for the future workforce and workplace. The launch edition of JobBuzz Workplace2025 Conclave 2018 received an overwhelming response from India Inc. Industry leaders and HR Practitioners gathered in full steam to explore, learn and unlearn the disruption expected to happen as the world passes through its fourth industrial revolution. The event was initiated with an inaugural breakfast session by CEO Gautam Sinha Times Internet, discussing how technologies can accelerate and transform workplace.

JobBuzz Workplace 2025 hosted motivational speaker BK Shivani and showcased her guidance on managing stress and mental wellness at workplace. Inspiring videos on improving performance and productivity in the workplace to achieve greater heights, from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was an integral part of the tracks being played during the day.

Sanjay Goyal, Head of Technology and Product, TimesJobs & JobBuzz says, “Workplace2025 Conclave is first-of-its-kind gathering of top business leaders, tech experts, HR influencers, and talent leaders to pursue the debate and find practical answers to critical questions about workplaces of future.”

Over 30+ speakers and various presenters and panelists spoke, presented, and discussed on how the organizations must prepare on different fronts viz. recruitment, employer branding, employee engagement, learning, and workspace.

In a survey conducted by JobBuzz (a company review and rating platform from TimesJobs), nearly 91% employees said that their job roles have evolved in the last five years. These roles will undergo drastic changes in the next 20 years and beyond. Hence, it’s the most appropriate time to host a dialogue on the future skills and talent needs in co-relation to the future workplaces.

New-age work world will be driven by fast-paced technological advancement. People needs, and business needs shall change too. JobBuzz Workplace2025 Conclave will shed light on the interconnections between evolving technology, the talent dynamics and the evolution of leadership.

How will technology transform the future of work and workplaces?

  • Building the Future workplace with Technology and AI
  • The blue print of workspaces which will host the workforce and businesses of tomorrow.
  • Impact of Digital Disruptions on Future Workplaces
  • Building the talent pipeline from academics to work floor
  • Diving into the future
  • Mastering the multigenerational workforce
  • Possible challenges of adopting #workplace2025 elements.

Eminent corporate personalities and industry leaders gathered to reinvent the future workplace and to build an exciting experience for the employees.  Exclusive CEO networking is another major highlight of the event and a boon for all those attending.  The conclave entailed a CTO break out session – Technology will be the Backbone of Talent Management & Magnetism in 2025 attended by CTOs, CIOs and subject matter experts, talent acquisition and management leaders, and technology consulting expert.

The ‘Best New Age Workplace Awards’ marked the conclusion of the JobBuzz Workplace 2025 Conclave 2018. The award categories include but not limited to Best New-Age HR Practices, Best Innovative Talent Management & Succession Planning, Best New-Age Employer in Conglomerates, Best New-Age Employer, and Best New-Age Employer for Work-Life Balance.

With 500+ delegates, 300+ companies, and a slew of industry experts, the attendees are sure to learn, know, and explore how the world of 2025 will impact work and the workplace.


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