Top 30 Business Icons of Rising India 2023 By Startup Reporter


15 Dec 2023:  In the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship, the year 2023 has ushered in a new era of visionary leaders and trailblazers, propelling the business world into uncharted territories. As we navigate this dynamic landscape, it becomes imperative to recognize and celebrate the individuals who have not only weathered the storms of uncertainty but have also emerged as beacons of inspiration for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Our Startup Reporter team has meticulously curated a list of Business Icons for 2023, highlighting the innovators, disruptors, and leaders who have left an indelible mark on their industries. These remarkable individuals have demonstrated unparalleled resilience, foresight, and adaptability, shaping the business landscape in ways that will undoubtedly resonate for years to come.

Join us on this journey as we delve into the stories of these modern-day titans, exploring their triumphs, challenges, and the invaluable lessons they bring to the forefront of the entrepreneurial stage. From groundbreaking innovations to strategic masterstrokes, each profile in our listicle is a testament to the diverse and dynamic nature of the business world in 2023.

Get ready to be inspired, informed, and intrigued by the remarkable journeys of the Business Icons of 2023. These are the pioneers who are not just riding the waves of change but creating ripples that will leave a lasting impact on the way we perceive and conduct business. Welcome to “Trailblazing Titans: Business Icons of 2023.”

Ritesh Agarwal Founder & CEO, Oyo Rooms’
Bhavish Aggarwal Co-founder and CEO Ola
Vidhi Merchant CEO, Founder and Psychologist The Mood Space
Kapil Gupta Founder & Director Ruhe Kitchen & Bathroom Fittings Brand
Anant Tanted Founder and CEO The Indian Garage Co
Falguni Nayar Founder Nykaa
Kunal Shah Founder CRED
Abhishek Vyas CEO Rich Kardz
Anjan Pathak CTO and co-founder Vantage Circle
Vedant Kedia Chief Growth Officer STOK India
Byju Raveendran CEO BYJU’S
SHRAWAN DAGA Founder & CEO Krishna’s Herbal & Ayurveda
Nithin Kamath Founder and CEO Zerodha
Rahul Sharma Co-founder Micromax’s
Raj Pyla Chairman and Managing Director Eyegear Optics
Yuvraj A. Thakker Managing Director StoxBox
Ashish Hemrajani CEO BookMyShow
Kavin Bharti Mittal Founder Hike Messenger
Sriharsha Majety CEO Swiggy
Ankush Sachdeva Founder ShareChat
Pankaj Makkar CEO Bertelsmann
Karthik Reddy Co-founder and managing partner Blume Ventures
Shradha Sharma Founder and CEO YourStory
Sairee Chahal Founder and CEO SHEROES
Alok Kejriwal Founder Games2win
Amit Kumar Agarwal Founder and CEO NoBroker
Rajesh Sawhney Founder and CEO GSF Accelerator
Abhinav Asthana Founder and CEO Postman
Girish Mathrubootham CEO Freshworks
Deepak Garg Founder Rivigo