VdoCipher Video Player Powers 3,000+ Platforms across 120+ Countries

GURUGRAM, India, March 28, 2023  VdoCipher Media Solutions, a Gurugram-based startup founded by IIT Alumni in 2015, combats the problem of video piracy helping edtech and entertainment businesses to protect their video revenues. Serving more than 3000+ e-learning and media businesses from 120+ countries, VdoCipher boasts of customers spanning all 6 continents.

Video piracy is a major global issue being faced by premium content creators and accounts for an estimated loss of $40 to $97 billion globally in video revenue. Since the COVID outbreak, people are consuming more digital content than ever leading to an exponential growth in the number of online video platforms. E-learning businesses, schools, colleges, and OTT platforms, all rely on the online distribution and monetization of videos. With this comes a risk of video piracy for those trying to make money from online premium videos or protect their copyrighted content. The piracy websites have also received a massive traffic boost of almost 40% compared to previous years. Any content released online somehow ends up being on these pirate websites. This has put a major dent in business revenues as users opt for streaming content for free when it’s easily accessible rather than paying for it. 

How does VdoCipher combat the video piracy issue?

VdoCipher uses the same encryption protocols being used by the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime to secure their Hollywood content and is also directly partnered with Google for the major encryption technology called Widevine DRM.

•  DRM & Watermark Security – VdoCipher provides secure video hosting via DRM & user based watermark to video platforms.

•  Custom Video Player & Cloud Hosting – Packaged Cloud Hosted & Smart Custom Video player solutions ensures security with ease of integration for businesses. VdoCipher also provides a video dashboard for easy video management.

•  Built for all sizes – VdoCipher considers itself to be globally the first of its kind, to have combined the highest security tech with an easy-to-use packaged offering of the video player and cloud hosting, thus catering to any size of business. A single teacher owning a website to a large EdTech platform with millions of users; everybody can have access to the secure product.

•  Global Recognition – International forums have awarded VdoCipher Solution. European magazine Streaming Media Global ranked VdoCipher as the best video security solution

The value proposition of VdoCipher for its security features makes the company stronger than its competitors, according to Siddhant Jain, CEO & Co-Founder, VdoCipher. “The primary challenge is to prevent illegal video downloads. Our multi-DRM encryption technology expands to all major devices and browsers – Desktop, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Mobile Apps. Platforms like Hotstar and Netflix also are using the same protocols for securing content. Thus, we take pride in claiming that our security solutions are Hollywood-grade and in fact, our security has been already used to stream Hollywood and Indian movies,” he explained.

How does VdoCipher make it happen? 

To this, Siddhant reveals that creating easy integration was one of their primary goals, as integration is a major challenge in the video technology business. “We made sure that even smaller teams with zero-coding experience can opt for the highest security. Right now, we have several independent teachers in India who use our solutions to release their courses online. Also, we have large enterprises as customers, so in terms of size, we are able to cater solutions to both extremes,” he added.

Overcoming challenges 

Statistically speaking, VdoCipher is generating about 5 crores (50 million) views for customers on a monthly basis. “As an angel-funded startup initially in 2016-17 without any VC backing, it’s always been cash conservation for us with a focus on organic means of customer acquisition. However, our goal was to create an overall sustainable and profitable business, and yes we have successfully created that,” said Siddhant. 

Another challenge, which is again quite common in any security business, is to keep updating with time, and VdoCipher has dedicatedly done this while introducing new security features over time as well as updating the pre-existing ones.

The way ahead 

VdoCipher is actively looking to partner with LMS (Learning Management System) companies & website/app builders to serve common customers. It has been working with global partners helping such companies enhance their video playback offering.

Explaining the future plan, Siddhant mentions, “We are not just about security as we also have an integrated player and hosting offering. We plan to work and deliver more innovative features on the interactive custom video player, analytics, and live streaming in the future.”

VdoCipher has witnessed a YOY growth with regards to revenue and customers, with a significant percentage being from overseas. “We are fortunate to get customers all across the globe. We are already a popular brand in India, We are striving to become the default video-hosting provider and solution platform for e-learning and media businesses across more countries, and making a name in building trusted solutions around video security globally,” conjectures Siddhant.