Wallnut Building Solutions is launching revolutionary cleaning products  for tile & stone, Taps & sanitary, Marble & Stone and for removing Epoxy and paint haze from surfaces

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Mumbai, 03 February 2023 This Republic day, Wallnut building solutions is launching Zeoclean, a new collection of tile & stone cleaners specially formulated by leading experts in India.

Through years of research and development, the company has produced various products based on nearly 25 years of experience in construction chemical and building materials.

Wallnut building solution strongly believes that tiles and stones need special care so that their beauty and elegance prevail over time. The cleaning of different types of tiles & stones like ceramic, marble, porcelain, granite, limestone, Taps & Sanitary, and Marble & Granite is not a one-approach- tackles-all situation. Each of these materials needs a specially formulated solution to tackle them with care that does not damage them.

Wallnut has designed five products under the Zeoclean series that provide the perfect solution that fits the characteristics of the materials.

1.  Zeoclean Advance (Heavy duty cleaner for heavy stained Ceramic, glazed, vitrified & glass mosaic tile

2.   Zeoclean Power (Daily cleaning of all types of ceramic, glazed, vitrified & glass mosaic tiles )

3.    Zeoclean Max (cleaning of all epoxy haze or film from the tile, stone or cement & other surfaces)

4.   Zeoclan Marmo (Cleaning of all types of natural & artificial stone such as marble, granite, sandstone and Italian marble )

5.   Zeoclean Dayna (Cleaning of all types of CP fittings & sanitary-ware)

All the products have undergone rigorous testing on each material to ensure the best and most desired result for surface material. A heavy-duty cleaner is essential to obtain a pristine surface in most industrial and commercial areas.

Key Feature of the products:

High Performance

Heavy Duty Cleaner

Powerful Formula

100% Clean Surface

Quick Surface Reaction

Shine Protector

Skin Safe

An Exquisite Combination of chemicals & Technology for an easier cleaning experience.

Zeoclean Tile & Stone Cleaners: contains a highly effective germicide which kills a wide range of bacteria including listeria, E-coli, MRSA, etc. It is also safe to use on all metals, plastics, enamel, ceramics and other washable surfaces. – Leaves surfaces clean, deodorised and germ-free – Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, labs, airports, industrial facilities and general cleaning.

The cleaner is available to order in February from amazon.in and flipkart.com, with availability beginning February 2023 at the nearest dealer stores.


About Wallnut Building Solution India Private Limited.

Wallnut, India’s top industrial mortar manufacturer, provides a comprehensive variety of products based on cutting-edge formulation technology. Bringing modern world standards to India’s tile and stone installation sector. Quality in construction work is what makes the difference, that is why we are the leader in the production of adhesives, grouts, wall putty and chemical products for the building industry.

Wallnut premium products are having a significant impact in the market including ZeorichBase Screed for durable flooring, Metapoxy Grout (2 Component Epoxy Grout), and Calcibond Ultima (Ultimate Adhesive for All Types of Tile and Stone Applications).

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