With Additional Chatlets CollateBox’s AppsOnChat Advances as a Complete Response Manager on Slack

With Polls and surveys already facilitated through AppsOnChat’s (http://www.appsonchat.com) integration in slack channels/communities, the response collation plug-in now goes live with Rating and RSVP chatlets. Slack is a team collaboration tool bringing all communication at one place. With the additional chatlets, AppsOnChat will easily facilitate everyday team decision like a RSVP or a networking lunch event or rating a newly added application feature. AOC is the complete response manager.

Why AppsOnChat? 
This all-in-one response manager integrates all essential services into one flexible solution integrated in slack channels. It is a free integration with no hidden costs. AOC boasts about its internal time target of less than 5 minutes from setup to response collation with the capability to download responses in a CSV format for further analysis.

AppsOnChat responses are collated in real-time with stringent data security policies in place. According to Ralph Vaz, Co-Founder & CTO of CollateBox Inc. “Data security is an essential feature for any data driven solutions in the market, AOC stores it’s data on safe cloud environment with encryption so as to keep it protected from corruption and unauthorized access.”

Surveys and Polls can help organizations reach a consensus quickly while Ratings can help in understanding an organization’s team’s preferences to provide a better and more personalized experience. An RSVP response to an event can help organisation stay more methodical and precise with their invite list.

In a world driven by selfies and instant gratification, AppsOnChat, a real-time response manager solution helps speed up the process of waiting on any reviews and responses almost instantly and thus reaching a consensus quickly. With more Chatlets on its way, AppsOnChat will soon be the go-to solution for all response collection needs within Slack.

About CollateBox : http://www.collatebox.com

CollateBox Inc is a San Jose based company focusing on creating path breaking cloud solutions. Started with a simple excel-like collation solution, Collatebox Inc now has multiple products that deal with the daily issues of collation – from managing daily online processes to field data collation solutions.