AdTech startup Wrap2Earn lights up Mumbai’s streets with LytAds

Mumbai-based Out-of-home (OOH) Cab Branding AdTech startup Wrap2Earn Technologies has announced the launch of LytAds; Their smart screen taxi-top Digital OOH advertising solution in the country’s financial capital, Mumbai.

A first-of-its-kind streel-level media platform; LytAds uses internet-connected high-res LED displays mounted on rideshare vehicles to deliver contextual messaging for advertisers. Starting off with what is arguably India’s most impactful advertising market, Wrap2Earn has installed best in class dual sided digital screens that offer close to 35% more advertising space than their nearest competitors in the Country.

Talking about LytAds, Elmer Dsilva, Founder & CEO quipped, “We have already built a functional ecosystem within the cab branding space & are leveraging Wrap2Earn’s 3.5+ years of experience to launch LytAds.We aspire to be the ‘Google Ads’ for taxi-top digital screen advertising, giving brands the flexibility to advertise across the City or to deliver tactical advertising messaging based on real-time triggers like location, time of day, weather and other event based data points.

Our online self-serve platform allows for very granular level campaign planning – brands can upload their creatives, select key campaign parameters & watch their campaigns go live on all our screens within minutes. Bigger brands can choose to display their campaign across the city while smaller businesses can activate hyperlocal, ‘pay-as-you-go’ campaigns focused on their key demographics.”

Adding a degree of flexibility like never seen before, LytAds allows brands to update their campaign parameters and/or creatives at no additional cost throughout the duration of their media campaign. Speaking about their product design, Manuel Fernandes, Co-Founder & CTO elaborated, “Our custom made dual sided taxi-top display has an attention-grabbing sleek design that demands the attention from those exposed to it. Our P2.5 outdoor LED modules are best in class providing utmost clarity even at a very close range. We have followed a very rigorous R&D protocol to ensure the entire LED cabinet is both dust and water-proof while ensuring compliance with all road-safety guidelines.”

One of the defining features of the LytAds offering is its ability for brands to tailor their messaging based on location, time of day& other event triggers. Elaborating on this capability, Jyotiba Patil, Partner & Director – Sales Strategy added,” LytAds is leveraging technology to ensure that brands will be able to use our ‘moving digital billboards’ to deliver content that is always relevant. Not only that, advertisers also gain access to an online dashboard to track their campaign performance in real-time – they are able to see a live representation of all our screens on a map, track number of ad plays, total display hours by location & time of day. Through our amazon cloud watch integration, brands will be able to download ad play logs as ‘proof of play’ ensuring that efficacy in our reporting.”

In the business of providing complete marketing solutions for in & on cab branding, Wrap2Earn’s latest DOOH offering promises a cost-effective and high impact media platform for advertisers that marries the best aspects of both, Digital and OOH advertising. Replete with features & technology that breaks the clutter of the current advertising space, LytAds is slated to redefine how brands promote themselves & deliver relevant advertising messaging in the physical world.