New Launch by Ed-tech BrainGymJr aims at teaching children ‘How’ to Think!

BrainGymJr, one of India’s unique ed-tech start-ups, has launched an innovative subscription program that supplements academia. Focused on building a strong foundation of reasoning and logic, the full suite portal offers application-based learning vs the common format of instruction-based learning.

BrainGymJr, through its exercises, reinforces the concepts of Maths, English and Real-World knowledge learned in school through actual application and problem-solving.  With BrainGymJr, just 15 minutes of daily exercises help open a child’s mind with new methods of application of concepts learned in school.

Children receive a fresh set of exercises across Math, English and Real-world skills every single day. These exercises come in 16 different engaging formats such as crosswords, match the column, multiple choice etc. There are instant answers and explanations on attempting the question. Every correct answer is attributed points. Children can unlock badges, appear on leader boards or redeem points to take jump tests to race to the next level.

Additionally, 4000+ exercises are available for practice over and above the daily questions that children can do at their time and pace. The program is tailored to each child’s ability by setting the difficulty levels from 1-15 for each subject.

Speaking on the launch of this unique platform, Founder, Vidur Garg said “We want children to make ‘thinking’ a daily habit. In order to do so, they need to have an opportunity to continuously apply core concepts that they already learn in school. Well-honed Math, English and Real-World skills are founding blocks to future success universally. We have kept our pricing extremely competitive to make BrainGymJr accessible for every single child irrespective of socio-economic strata”.

The subscription is offered in monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual timeframes. The exercises are designed to stimulate the curiosity of the child and encourage them to think independently. Parents get access to a speed and accuracy dashboard as well.

“This is a one of a kind program that has been designed to provide pocket-sized bytes of stimulation on a daily basis . We go beyond rote learning and focus on enhancing the cognitive skills of young children that help them become future ready!” Vidur added.

The response to the product has been excellent. BrainGymJr expects to fill a niche space in the child development segment by offering an innovative product that supplements school education and encourages the development of independent thinkers who can grow into successful adults in any profession they choose.