An initiative to ensure mother’s milk nutrition for all babies – NeoLacta’s Ecommerce Channel

After a long ordeal of 65 days in the nursery, 40-year-old Anita was finally taking her little baby home. She had delivered a 34-week baby weighing just 850 gm at delivery. On discharge, the baby weighed 1.55 kilograms which otherwise was still lower than a normal birth weight of 2.5 kg. 

The doctors told her that the baby would need utmost care, even at home along with special nutritional supplements for supporting the baby’s growth. Anita was worried since her hometown, Gaya, was 100 kilometres from Patna and didn’t have adequate medical facilities and supplies. As Anita looked at the prescriptions, NeoLacta MMF was among the products recommended by the doctor. Anita searched the product on her phone and was relieved to see the product available through the e-commerce channel of the company.  

Like Anita’s baby, 50% of the 3.6 million preterm babies born are EUGR at the time of discharge. EUGR in simple words means the baby is below the expected growth marker and would thus need additional nutrition to sustain growth & development, even after hospital discharge.  Annually, 300,000 preterm babies die from complications associated with preterm birth, infections, and lack of access to human milk. WHO and other leading health organizations recommend pasteurised donor human milk as the next best alternative for premature babies who are unable to access their own mother’s milk.

Committed to improving the health of premature babies and reducing infant mortality rates, NeoLacta Lifesciences has developed a range of human milk derived products that help provide 100% human milk- nutrition both during hospital stay as well as post discharge at home. These products have been used extensively in India over the last 5 Years across 200+ tertiary level hospitals and benefitted over 20,000+babies till date.

NeoLacta products are now also available on the e-commerce channel that will enable parents to purchase these human milk nutritional products online, informed Dr. Vikram Reddy, Chief Scientific Officer at NeoLacta Lifesciences. By using the dedicated platform of NeoLacta Website, parents can place the orders and have the products delivered to their doorsteps. 

NeoLacta has a robust distribution network across India, including Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, ensuring products get delivered within 2 working days. 

Parents can also buy NeoLacta Pasteurised Human Breast Milk and NeoLacta MMF (Mother’s Milk Fortifier) at online health portals such as 1MG. and Amazon 

NeoLacta Lifesciences is the only ISO 22000:2018 and GMP certified human milk facility in Asia and India to develop 100% human milk products through its proprietary processing technology, setting it apart from other human milk banks, added, Dr. Vikram Reddy, Chief Scientific Officer. 

NeoLacta Lifesciences is the 1st company in Asia and India to introduce the concept of collecting, processing, and supplying 100% human breast milk products to save the lives of premature & ill infants.

Established in 2016, NeoLacta operates a pharmaceutical-grade human milk processing facility which is ISO 22000:2018, HACCP and GMP certified. NeoLacta has multiple ISO-7 cleanrooms, onsite chemical and microbial lab and deep freezers which ensure raw milk and finished products are stored at -20.

Continuing the legacy of supporting parents and clinicians by providing 100% human milk-based neonatal products, operations have been recently launched in the United Kingdom under the banner of NeoKare Nutrition. The founders of both the organizations, NeoLacta and NeoKare, have an extensive background in human milk technology since they were instrumental in establishing the 1st milk bank in Australia at KEM, Perth, WA in 2000.