BeatO launches TVC to raise awareness for diabetes control with experts

BeatO- a digital app-based platform that provides clinically proven, comprehensive diabetes care programs to prevent, control and reverse diabetes has launched its first ‘real life, real impact’ TVC campaign. The campaign is based on BeatO ‘Unbeatables’, which are true stories of members proudly sharing their journey of bringing their sugar levels and related health conditions in control with BeatO experts.

This TVC is first – of – its – kind, where the protagonists Vijay & Rishabh are based on real life people, who have bravely chosen to inspire others with their success in bringing diabetes in control with experts through the BeatO app. A strong drive and making simple changes in their  diet & lifestyle are the common sentiments amongst them. 

The campaign aims at raising awareness about measures that can help one control diabetes and reduce health complications.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

The series of videos have been published on television news channels as well as on social media platforms. The TVC showcases real life stories* of actual BeatO members and how BeatO’s experts – Diabetes Care Coaches and Doctors have constantly supported them through their journey to achieve control over Diabetes and be able to live their life to the fullest.

Link of the videos-  

TVC 1-  Vijay:

TVC 2- Rishabh:

Commenting on the new TVC campaign and the need to bring awareness around diabetes  Gautam Chopra, Co-founder and CEO of BeatO said, “ Diabetes and pre-diabetes affects more than 200 million Indians and India’s national average HbA1c is 8.5%, which is much higher than normal. While so many people are affected by this condition there is still a lack of awareness about diabetes, its related complications & access to experts and affordable quality care. With this campaign, we wish to raise awareness that with the right expert guidance one can control diabetes and reduce risk of future complications.”

With over 1 million members, from over 3000 towns and cities across India, BeatO helps its users achieve clinically proven, positive health impact through its program. The program includes the innovative Smartphone Glucometer, expert guidance via the BeatO App from leading diabetologists, diabetes care coaches and nutritionists plus engaging learning resources. This has helped members control and even reverse diabetes in addition to improving related health complications. BeatO affectionately calls such members the ‘Unbeatables’. They are the inspiration behind the BeatO TVC that is based on real life case studies of BeatO members. 

The clinical results of these programs have been published in prestigious forums like the American Diabetes Association & Advanced Technologies & Treatment for Diabetes and  show that BeatO’s approach reduces hypoglycemia incidents by 51.9% and average fasting blood glucose by nearly 10% in just 45 days respectively. Additionally, we observe that on average, BeatO members with uncontrolled sugar levels, are able to reduce their HbA1c by 1.9% points within 3 months.

About BeatO

BeatO is a digital app-based platform that provides clinically proven, comprehensive diabetes care programs to help prevent, control and even reverse the condition under the guidance of experts. The results of these programs have been published in top medical institutions such as the American Diabetes Association, American college of physicians and Advanced Technologies & Treatment for Diabetes This diabetes care ecosystem includes BeatO’s innovative and cost-effective smartphone, connected glucometers that work in unison with the BeatO app to support end-to-end management for members. This smart health management system is powered by AI, providing personalized insights and real-time data-driven care via its experienced team of diabetes care coaches, expert nutritionists and specialist doctors. The BeatO app ecosystem also provides a complete solution for all daily needs of a person, ranging from scheduling medication deliveries and lab tests to purchasing affordable insurance and specially-curated foods and beverages.