CATKing Cha Raja 2023: A Celebration of Eco-Friendly Ganpati and Inspiring Efforts


In its 7th year of celebration, CATKing Cha Raja 2023 is embracing a unique theme for Ganesh Utsav—an eco-friendly Ganpati made from their iconic yellow sheets. These yellow sheets, symbolic of hard work and consistency, have played a significant role in motivating thousands of students to achieve their dreams of entering top B-Schools worldwide over the last years.

 MBA graduates from prestigious institutions like IIMs, SPJIMR, JBIMS, and NMIMS, who enthusiastically contributed their creative talents to craft this masterpiece.

 The entire team gathered and spent hours in curating the eco friendly ganpati made out of yellow paper. Their hard work and joy knew no bounds!. This is the inspiring story of how CATKing, under the leadership of Sumit Singh Gandhi, endeavored to fashion an eco-friendly Ganpati idol from the very paper that had played a pivotal role in shaping the aspirations of countless CAT students.

For seven years, nearly 1000 sheets of paper were used, but this year, they chose to build a Net Zero Ganpati, championing the cause of environmental sustainability.

The “Yellow Sheets” have traditionally been used for training, motivation, and MBA preparation strategies, but this year, they are put to a  environmentally conscious purpose.

To all friends from SPJIMR, NIT, GE, and the beloved “Students” studying in the best B-schools across the country, may the “Yellow Sheet Ganpati” bring happiness and blessings to everyone who has been a part of the CATKing EduCare family.

The journey began with uncertainty about whether they could create a Ganpati idol from paper, but their determination and dedication prevailed.

While it may seem like a small effort, it has the potential to inspire young corporate India to save the planet and “Save Paper.”

The process took two days, with the final touches added by Sumit Sir’s mom resulting in a unique Ganpati idol. It may not please everyone in terms of aesthetics, but it carries the blessings of many students, and the hope that Ganesha will continue to bless the upcoming batches of IIM.

Finally, Ganpati Bappa Moreya!