Dr. Ravul Jindal: A Global Leader Bridging Healthcare and Humanity


New Delhi (India), September 23: In the ever-evolving landscape of modern medicine, certain individuals shine as beacons of hope and innovation. Dr. Ravul Jindal, one of the best vascular surgeons around the globe, is undoubtedly one such luminary figure, a global leader renowned not only for his exceptional skills as a vascular surgeon but also for his unwavering commitment to making healthcare accessible to all.

With a career spanning over 26 years, Dr. Jindal currently serves as the Director of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at Fortis Hospital, Mohali. His primary areas of expertise encompass peripheral arterial and venous interventions, a realm where his proficiency is unmatched.

Dr. Jindal’s academic journey laid the foundation for his illustrious career. He earned his MBBS from the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Sewagram, and completed his MS in General Surgery at PGIMER, Chandigarh. His dedication to excellence propelled him to acquire a Diplomate in National Board in General Surgery in New Delhi. Following his senior residency at PGIMER, he embarked on a transformative journey by pursuing a Fellowship in Vascular Surgery at St Mary’s Hospital in London, UK. To further enhance his credentials, he also earned the prestigious FRCS from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

Beyond his extensive educational achievements, Dr. Jindal’s influence extends far beyond the operating room. He holds the position of the Co-founder of the SAARC Society of Vascular Surgery, a testament to his commitment to advancing vascular healthcare across the South Asian region. He is also a Life member of the Vascular Society of India, Past President of Venous Association of India, Member of the International Compression Club (ICC), Vice President of L’Union Internationale de Phlebologie (UIP), International Ambassador of American Venous Forum, Member of International Society for the Study of Vascular Anomalies (ISSVA), Treasurer of Asian Venous Forum (AVF), Asia Continental Chair for American Vein & Lymphatic Society, Member of National College of Phlebology- NCPh (Russia) Council in International Committee (IC NCPh), and a steering committee member on the Vein Inception Programme (VIP).

To add to this, he organises Endovascular & Ultrasound-guided Venous Intervention Course (EUVIC), every year, to spread awareness on varicose veins and advanced treatment options associated with the management of varicose veins by inviting experts in the field from around the globe. He also conducts OPDs in various states in North India under his initiative to make quality healthcare accessible everywhere.

One of his most significant contributions to healthcare is the initiative “Amputation Free India.” This initiative stands as a testament to his commitment to social welfare, as he tirelessly works to ensure that no individual loses a limb due to lack of awareness and access to proper medical care. Dr. Jindal’s vision is to eliminate preventable amputations, a noble pursuit that embodies his dedication to humanity.

Dr. Jindal’s influence doesn’t stop at the borders of his home country. He is a global citizen, regularly attending international conferences in countries like Italy, Egypt, the USA, the UAE, Sri Lanka and many more. These gatherings serve as platforms for him to engage with experts worldwide and discuss critical matters related to vascular health and global healthcare. His voice resonates in these forums, driving conversations that impact the world.

In addition to his involvement in conferences, Dr. Jindal’s dedication to research and knowledge dissemination is commendable. He has presented numerous papers at both national and international events, a testament to his pursuit of cutting-edge medical breakthroughs. His impressive list of publications includes over 50 articles in various international journals and contributions to more than 15 book chapters in the field of vascular surgery. In 2018, he co-authored a book on Venous Disorders published by Springer, further solidifying his status as a thought leader in his field.

Dr. Ravul Jindal is not merely a vascular surgeon; he is a symbol of compassion, dedication, and innovation in the realm of healthcare. His commitment to making healthcare accessible, both as a surgeon and a social worker, is nothing short of exemplary. Through his achievements and initiatives, he exemplifies what it means to be a global leader with a heart dedicated to serving humanity.