Classes in the virtual world: Career Launcher’s CL Meta to offer learning experience to students in Metaverse

career launcher meta press release

New Delhi, 3 June 2022: Career Launcher, India’s leading edtech and competitive test preparation platform, today announced the launch of CL Meta, a Metaverse for students, complete with virtual classrooms, study rooms, career counselling sections, and a virtual shopping mall for students to purchase educational products. CL Meta is a hyper-real learning and community experience for students, replicating the experience of physically attending classes or visiting a Career Launcher center.


As CL Meta grows, in the near future students would be able to visit any of Career Launcher’s physical centers virtually on CL Meta to attend classes, counselling sessions, self-study sessions from anywhere in the world. The facilities and features available at each Career Launcher physical center will also be available in its virtual version on CL Meta. This means that not only will the size of the classroom will be the same as that at Career Launcher’s physical center (while accommodating infinite number of students), but even the products offered by the center will also be available on CL Meta.

“At Career Launcher, we constantly seek feedback from our students, trying to understand what and how they are most comfortable in learning. Metaverse and enhanced virtual experiences are becoming popular with students, and they are also very comfortable adopting and using new technology. With CL Meta, we are offering students another option to attend classes, besides physical and online classes. Our vision is to rapidly grow CL Meta, adding new features and recreating the physical world virtually,” says Sujatha Kshirsagar, President and CBO, Career Launcher.


Over the next 12 months, Career Launcher plans to rapidly expand the CL Meta experience for students. While students would be able to use AR/VR devices to access CL Meta, Career Launcher has ensured that the technology is an enabler rather than a hindrance. Towards this end, CL Meta can also be accessed by students without additional devices, only requiring their laptop, phones, tablets and a good quality Internet connection. Further, Career Launcher encourages students to opt for the learning experience that they are most comfortable in – physical, online or Metaverse-based learning.  


Shiva Kumar, Founding Member and Director of Academics, Career Launcher adds, “From CL Meta for students to Career Launcher’s Metaverse Studio to create content for CL Meta, we are working on presenting to students innovative learning experiences and options. We believe that Metaverse and enriched online experiences are the future. If Metaverse presents an opportunity for innovative learning, we will create the means for students to use that opportunity,” says Shiva Kumar, Founding Member and Director of Academics, Career Launcher.


About Career Launcher 

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