Embracing Stories: Business Leaders foray into being Thought Leaders with MediaTechResource

In a major expansion bid, MediaTechResource, one of the leading services provider focused on curating and driving empowered messaging via Digital PR and communications, has forayed into thought leadership consulting for the disruptive technology ventures of the Bay area.  

The agency backed with its rich experience and diversified portfolio of services and customers across multiple locations, has decided to roll out its strategic consulting services amid an accelerating requirement from marketers today. Large accounts or top brand marketers are increasingly looking for brighter ideas that presents innovative yet practical concepts addressing varied layers of customers. Its imperative to craft strategic digital placements to engage with respective audiences as per their business communications needs.

Marketing directors have been increasingly eyeing for an inclusive platform which can ensure seamless integration with their target audience as against the legacy, one-dimensional print and online advertising communication channels.

MediaTechResource will employ compelling and engaging content and strategy support to support the marketing activity and propel commercial success for thought leaders.

‘’As a disruptor in the digital communications segment, MediaTechResource will facilitate potential thought leaders’ transit from the legacy model of pushing ideas to audiences to audience engagement and interaction. We have trendsetting resources to support the strategies of marketers including a perfect amalgamation of editorial expertise and targeted promotion for last-mile audience reach,’’ said Rachana Chowdhary, Managing Director, MediaTechResource.

Thought leaders possess significant business-building power which is why a larger number of professionals and organisations are increasingly inclining to scale up their position as thought leaders.

‘’Thought leadership approach is undisputedly valuable for professionals and organisations. MediaTechResource will empower marketers to bring in fresh insights to industries which have impacted from a conventional approach,’’ added Chowdhary.

MediaTechResource will also effectuate research through surveys and impactful insights from its substantial network of Thought Leaders to compliment the engagement of marketers with their key audience.