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Overview of Immigration Status:

India has the highest share of Highly Educated Immigrants. It is observed that, 2% (approx. 7,000) of India’s tycoons relocated abroad permanently in 2020 alone. Observing the statistics, it is clear that many Indians seek to relocate abroad for permanent residence.

Why is HelpOverseas the leading immigration consultancy in India?

HelpOverseas is India’s most recognized migration consultancy organization, and it has been reaching out to people with an optimistic and practical approach. Many Indians aspire to migrate overseas. As a result, it is critical to select the best immigration counsel to make this ambition a reality.

At the moment, HelpOverseas is proud to be known for providing remarkable services to people seeking migration solutions to prestigious destinations such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA and Germany. Working with the ideal and astounding consultancy considerably improves your chances of effectively relocating abroad.

Offering quality- driven services to clients, who are interested to relocate or migrate to their desired destinations, has motivated them to accomplish thousands of successful cases and delighted clients till date and still counting!


HelpOverseas Immigration’s CEO – “Ms. Kanika Kapoor” says –“We at HelpOverseas Immigration constantly believe in fulfilling our client’s expectations, which makes us more responsible towards them. The key objective is to provide viable solutions with a proactive approach and empower our client’s to achieve their goals!”

Here are some of the features that define HelpOverseas Immigration Consultancy:-

  • Registered Company:

HelpOverseas Immigration is legally recognized to assist, counsel and advice clients for immigration services, in India.

2) Free Assessment:

HelpOverseas provides a free examination of your eligibility, helping you to make an informed decision about your immigration ambitions.

3)  Expert Consultation:

HelpOverseas offers a team with many years of expertise in the field. A consultation with them entails receiving comprehensive information on the immigration process as well as complete transparency regarding your eligibility and expeditiously responds to all of your queries.

4) Expert Documentation:

It is ensured that your documentation is precise, which in turn increases your chances of visa success and approval.

5) Success Rate:

Over the years, HelpOverseas has managed thousands of immigration cases with an increasing and successful database of 10k + pleased clients.

6) Excellent client service:

The most valuable possession is time. They provide their precious clients with the adequate and complete information about the immigration process, allowing them to make informed decisions. The prompt customer assistance provided by HelpOverseas saves your time and efforts. 

7) Post- Landing Services:

After obtaining a visa, they also offer their clients with the post-landing services and guidance. Relocating to another country is a complicated process, and the applications can be confusing at times, if you don’t have the right assistance. They make sure that you reach your location without any confusion and inconvenience. Likewise, they assist you in finding affordable accommodation in the new land, with a nearby public transport service.

Therefore, one can be reliable on HelpOverseas services, as they would personally assist you from the start till you perfectly settle in your selected country.

Along with, Permanent Residence Visa to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, they also offer assistance with Canada Self Employed Visa, Germany Job Seeker Visa as well as, UK Youth Mobility Visa.


Located in Pune, India; HelpOverseas has earned the title of Best Immigration Consultancy in India, assisting clients all over the world. 

HelpOverseas Immigration is the top immigration consultant in India. HelpOverseas is without a doubt your best immigration consultant in India, with an established track record and high satisfactory results.

If you plan to relocate anytime soon and get started with your procedure, feel free to contact Helpoverseas on +919145227575 and fulfill your dream of relocating to a country of your choice. You must consider HelpOverseas Immigration if you are seeking for the best immigration consultancy in India.