WEM APAC, Melbourne Based Company, empowers industries with robust ten times faster app development with its no-code platform

the house of no code

WEM APAC is a world leader in empowering enterprises across multiple industries to build custom applications and automate business processes with its No-Code Enterprise Application Development Platform. The core mission of WEM APAC is to accelerate business velocity, and it offers ten times Faster Application Development when compared to traditional methods while also lowering the total cost of ownership by a third. WEM APAC’s most renowned product is WEM, a comprehensive, powerful rapid application creation platform that is used by subject-matter experts, and business and IT users to create mission-critical applications.


WEM Modeler provides a No-Code development environment enabling users to build enterprise-grade applications that are scalable with high-security standards for both desktop and mobile. The platform includes capabilities to scale for the web and fit diverse mobile form factors while ensuring governance for data privacy, security, integration, transport control, and process integrity. By leveraging these built-in features, WEM reduces the complexity of software development and enables subject-matter experts to create complex business-critical applications visually and with great agility.

Chenobu Thong, Managing Director, WEM APAC, says, “Given India’s IT spending is showing its strongest growth in a decade driven by digital transformation, we want to enable organizations to execute on their enterprise-wide digital strategies to help them to compete in the digital economy. We have put our focus to create beautiful, intuitive applications and platforms that are incredibly powerful and easy to use that both IT developers and business users can use at different levels and enjoy the experience of creating applications. We want to build technology that everybody loves using. In Harshawardhan Dafre, we have a very capable leader for India and the Middle East who has put together the right ecosystem of partners to win in this market.”


WEM APAC’s technological obsession, agility, and hyper focus on customer-centricity has resulted in growth, incredible customer retention and satisfaction. The senior management of WEM APAC has held previous roles as CEO, CFO in very large well-known organizations or have 20-35 plus years of industry experience in large IT companies across many industry verticals. Solution Architects and Developers at WEM APAC have experience in delivering complex enterprise solutions for multiple clients with very high standards while exceeding customer expectations. WEM APAC also has strategic strong partnerships with many Consulting and IT companies including the likes of Infosys and DXC globally. WEM APAC’s experience includes automation, innovation, and legacy modernization as they help with digital transformation demands in enterprises.



Keeping up with digital transformation needs and pivoting as business changes with increasing pressures to keep costs down, and meet customer experience objectives all while dealing with security threats and a glut in resources and talent in the market is a real challenge for IT leadership. After the pandemic, the demand for digital transformation has increased dramatically. Given the shortage of skilled application developers in the market and the high demand for applications, the cost of application resources has skyrocketed. Unlike low-code application development platforms that still require skilled resources, a No-Code platform like WEM is much easier to learn and lowers technical barriers for resources who have high business knowledge to drive development.


Given the fast pace of technology and market changes, enterprises have no choice but to keep pace with the speed of innovation to stay relevant in the market and succeed. No-Code application development enables greater agility while building on shifts that the industry has already embraced with Agile, DevOps practices, Cloud-first strategy and Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings. Further integration and enablement with newer emerging technologies like Intelligent Automation, AI, IoT, and ML takes the capability to newer levels.

In addition to WEM, WEM APAC through its partnership with FPT Software offers akaBot, a strong comprehensive Robotic Process Automation (RPA) offering to the market for automation of manual tasks and improve productivity. WEM APAC is also about to launch an innovative No-Code Content Management System (CMS) which is SEO enabled to the market. With the No-Code revolution in full swing, you are bound to hear more about WEM APAC and its flagship offerings as they help enterprises to be more agile in these challenging times.

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WEM APAC is a no-code Enterprise application solution provider headquartered in Melbourne. Over the years, WEM APAC has enabled enterprises across multiple industries to modernize their applications and automate business processes. Ideas can be turned into products very quickly and Innovation within enterprises is made possible with WEM APAC.



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